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Esports is the fastest growing sport of all times
Digital gaming economy is valued at $US 110 billion
Esports – the next generation game
Esports – over 400 million fans

DEG is a full-service Esports and digital gaming company designed to be your single source for Esports tournaments, events, competitions, sponsorships, marketing and long term Esports strategy building.

DEG is your turn key partner for Esports.

Event Management
DEG organizes from meet & greets to world class Esports events where gamers and Esports enthusiasts can experience full scale & state of the art live Esports. DEG events will feature Esports tournaments attracting the best of the best from around the globe to the Middle East.
DEG is offering both local and global sponsorship management for companies who want to take part in this newly developed but fastly growing market segment. DEG provides the necessary strategies and tools for companies to reach this new market valued at over $US 1 billion.
Team Management
DEG offers expertise on development and establishment of Esports teams. It is the goal of DEG to build a globally recognized Esports community with leading Esports teams from the greater Middle Eastern region.
Brand Strategy
DEG assist local and global brands with the best possible positioning and representation in the Esports universe. We provide brand strategy advise and execution for individual events and long term sustainable branding strategies.
Marketing Activation
In the ever growing Esports & gaming, marketing activation is the key for any brand who would like to reach out to the youngster, gamers & Esports enthusiasts. This is where DEG’s expertise allows us to propose a strategical approach and road map. Our marketing plans include social media, TVC, content generation & management and sponsorship deals.
Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is going to continue to be a driving force for brands looking to grow their audience and improve sales. Gaming Video Content (GVC) is on an enormous expansion scale where most of the content is generated via young & new influencers either on Twitch, Youtube, Huya or Douyu. DEG is providing the necessary input & strategy to use the best suitable influencers for your business.
Content Development
Gaming Video Content has surpassed in 2017 the overall watched & listened hours of platforms such as music & video streaming services globally. DEG provides a wide range of projects from a project content for a marketing campaign to an overall content strategy including branded Twitch or Youtube channels.

Events are at the heart of Esports as fans are seeking more opportunities to come together.

We are offering impressive gaming events for Esport fans, gamers and sponsors focusing on the wider MENA region.

  • Winter Season Final 2018
  • Gaming Forum İstanbul
  • Gaming Festival
    Coming Soon
  • Gaming Evening
    Coming Soon
  • Turkey Final 2017


Esports gamers and fans become a highly attractive market group for many companies all over the world. Over 1 billion people globally are aware of Esports. Most of the audience is below 30 years of age and represent a significant amount of today’s and tomorrow’s purchasing power.

Digital Entertainment Group links Esports events with Sponsors from all over the world reaching millions of customers and influencers.

Do you know?

Esports economy will reach $906 million this year.

Almost 80% of this economy generated by brands  through sponsorships, advertising and media rights.

Sponsorship revenues will reach $360 million, more than 50% yearly increase.

Esports Revenue Streams

NewZoo 2018 Global Esports Market Report

"Esports" is simply the short name for electronic sports. Just like football players play football together, Esports players play computer games against each other. 04/06/2017


DEG is a full-service Esports and digital gaming company designed to be your single source for Esports tournaments, events, competitions, sponsorships, marketing and long term Esports strategy building.

DEG is focused to bring Esports events to the Greater Middle Eastern Region.

This new digital entertainment allows people world wide to play, compete and participate in an all new digital, interactive, accessible and exciting environment. Our Esports events and tournaments became a symbol of a new generation for digital competition.

DEG is your partner to take part in this new digital revolution. The founders of DEG have extensive experience in Esports and have already organized many events world wide. Their work has been rewarded with several awards and distinctions.

Digital Entertainment Group is your partner for Esports in the Greater Middle Eastern Region.

Do you know?

With Esports revenues exceeding $US 1.5 billion in 2020, Esports is officially the fastest growing sports sector in the world.

A CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 28% competes with the fastest growing businesses globally.

NewZoo 2018 Global Esports Market Report
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